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Krill is a small sea creature that is a relative of the shrimp family.  It is a major food source for many larger sea animals such as whales, seals and others.  Krill happens to be high in omega-3 fatty acids andastazanthin, a powerful anti-oxidant substance.  For this reason, some health authorities recommend it instead of fish oil or flaxseed oil to provide omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA.

However, I do not recommend krill oil.  It…

Krill Oil…

Lately I have seen websites advertising Neptune Krill Oil as a source for Omega-3s. These websites claim it is superior to fish oil. I was wondering how to validate these claims and if you are familiar with this source of Omega-3s. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Dr. Ockene answers:

Krill are tiny shrimp-like creatures that exist by the billions in the Antarctic sea. As with fish, they eat plankton, which are the source of omega-3 fatty acids. The oil from these creatures contains omega-3 fatty acids just as fish oil does. In addition, the makers claim that additional benefits are derived from…

5 Medical Tests You May Not Need

By CARRIE GANN, ABC News Medical Unit

April 4, 2012—

A routine visit to the doctor’s office can bring up a laundry list of medical tests, all designed to screen for one serious disease or another. But according to a new report from leading physician groups, a large number of medical tests and procedures billed as routine are largely unnecessary.

For many patients and doctors, it’s easy to adopt the notion that if a little screening is good, more of it is better, “just to be sure” nothing is wrong. But that approach is costly,

Alphabet soup: ABAI, ABMS, and MOC vs EBM, VBM, and IRB

In a recent editorial in the Annals, 2 members of the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI) stated their case for physician participation in maintenance of certification (MOC).1 They wrote, “There are growing expectations by those outside the medical profession for professional ac- countability and transparency. Focusing solely on the physician side of the physician-patient equation in opposing the MOC process risks the perception that these opinions (opposing MOC) are self-serving.”

Physicians function in an evidence-based medicine (EBM) environment. Alleged failure to adequately adhere to evidence -based best practices is a fundamental justification for MOC cited by James and…

Indexing Works

Indexing Works

Many investors think active managers can shift out of stocks in time to stem losses in bear markets. Not true.

By Temma Ehrenfeld May 1, 2011

Even fans of index funds often believe they do worse than funds with active managers during bear markets. The idea is that a savvy manager can shift money out of a crashing asset class in time to improve overall performance. As it turns out, “most events that result in major changes in market direction are unanticipated,” says Christopher B. Philips, CFA, a senior analyst in Vanguard’s Investment Strategy Group.

The facts,…

When Doctors Are Called to the Rescue in Midflight

When Doctors Are Called to the Rescue in Midflight

By KATIE HAFNER,   The New York Times

Dr. Matthew Rhoa is still haunted by one of his lowest moments as a physician. Several years ago, on the first leg of an international flight, he was just settling in for a nap when a flight attendant came on the public address system to ask, “Is there a doctor on the plane?”

Dr. Rhoa, who lives in San Francisco, didn’t push his call button. “As a gynecologist, I always waited for another doctor,” he said. “There’s never a need for a Pap smear…

Between You, Me and the Government…

Check out this book…”The Investment Answer”

The Investment Answer

The Investment Answer is a primer to help individual investors understand how markets work, select a financial advisor, and make smart financial decisions.

November 26, 2010

A Dying Banker’s Last Instructions

There are no one-handed push-ups or headstands on the yoga mat for Gordon Murray anymore.

No more playing bridge, either — he jokingly accuses his brain surgeon of robbing him of the gray matter that contained all the bidding strategy.

But when Mr. Murray, a former bond salesman for Goldman Sachs who rose to the managing director level at both

Some Hospitals Open ERs Just for Graying Patients

WASHINGTON – Many hospitals run emergency rooms just for children. Now a few are opening ERs specially designed for seniors, without all the confusion and clamor and with a little more comfort.

It’s a fledgling trend, but expected to increase as the population rapidly grays. The question is whether they’ll truly improve care.

“Older people are not just wrinkly adults. They have totally different needs,” says Dr. David John, who chairs the geriatric medicine division of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

Modern ERs are best equipped to handle crises like gunshot wounds or car crashes, not the…

Power Balance admits no science behind wristbands

SANTA ANA, Calif. – Shaquille O’Neal swears by them. The Power Balance bracelet, he says, gives him a competitive edge on the court. It’s no gimmick, he says. It’s for real. It may be for him, but Australian authorities say the California-based company behind the wildly popular wristbands and pendants has no business claiming that they improve balance, strength and flexibility.

And they even got Power Balance to admit it.

The company wrote: “We admit that there is no credible scientific evidence that supports our claims.” It also agreed to give refunds to customers who believe they were cheated.


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