Here is a list of our Investment Education Classes

1. Separating Myths From Truths: The Story of Investing

This Class will dispell the traditional Myths of investing including: How to Select Stocks, How to use performance history to determine the best investments for the future, How to utilize market timing and lastly, The costs of investing.

2. Choosing Your Investing Philosophy

Investing is usually done in an effort to have money accomplish  life goals and realize dreams.

This class will help typical investor have a some peace of mind when making investment decisions. We will teach you 3 basic principles to help you feel more comfortable with your Investment decisions by developing your own personal investment philosophy.

3. Examining Your Expectations

The purpose of this class is to help investors recognize the part realistic expectations play in creating peace of mind about investing.

Objectives of this class include: identifying your current expectations, clarifying illusions about investing, understanding the the relationship between expectations and results

4. Understanding The Dimensions of Risk & Return

In this class you will learn how to make decisions that are consistent with your lifelong financial goals, how much Growth versus Value stocks to include in your portfolio and  how to assess your risk tolerance.

This class will explain:  The Cost of Capital, The Three Factor Model and The Implications of Diversification.

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