Family health history a powerful, underused tool

WASHINGTON – Make Grandma spill the beans: Uncovering all the diseases that lurk in your family tree can trump costly genetic testing in predicting what illnesses you and your children are likely to face.

It may sound old-fashioned, but a Cleveland Clinic study comparing which method best uncovered an increased risk of cancer helps confirm the value of what’s called a family health history.

All it costs is a little time questioning your relatives, yet good family health trees are rare. A government survey estimated less than a third of families have one – and time-crunched doctors seldom push their…

Discovering Your True Purpose For Money

Each of us has our own set of values and beliefs. One way that we express values is through financial decisions. Think of it this way: when financial decisions align with values, we experience a very real sense of satisfaction and contentment. However, when we struggle, worry, experience buyer’s remorse or suffer over money, it’s very likely that our financial choices are inconsistent with our inner value system.

This is why  no matter what financial decision you are facing, the first step is to define your values. Discovering your True Purpose for Money can pave the way for long-lasting satisfaction…

History of ProMD

ProMD was started in 1999.

- It originally stood for
Physician Response Online Managed-care Database

-It now stands for

Powerful Results and Objectives, from the Medical Doctor

since the focus is now on both “Health and Wealth”.

The Overlap between Healthcare and Financial Myths

Have you ever wondered…

  1. Can you trust what the media says about medical care?
  2. Can you trust what the media says about travel safety?
  3. Can you trust what the media says about investing?
  4. Can you trust the media?

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